Enthuse Integration Settings


Connect Donorfy to Enthuse

Once you have received your Enthuse API credentials you can connect your Enthuse account to your Donorfy account.

To do this open the integration settings page: Integrations > Enthuse > Settings

  • Enter your Client ID, Client Secret and API Key  into the Connect to Ethuse area
  • Click on Connect


Now you are all connected, complete all of the remaining Integration Settings:


Default Campaign
This is the default Campaign that will be used where a donation, supporter or page in Enthuse does not contain a campaign. 
If you do not already have a Campaign created in Donorfy that suits your needs, then you can create a new Campaign as described here: Campaigns - overview 
Anonymous Donor Constituent
This will be your preferred Anonymous Donor Constituent for instances where a donation is marked as anonymous or is not associated with a supporter.
If you would like to quickly find all anonymous transactions for Enthuse, then it would be advisable to create a new Constituent specifically for Enthuse transactions.
Integration Start Date
This is the date from which Donorfy will import donations from Enthuse.
Note that associated fundraising pages and supporters related to these donations will also be created, even if they pre-date the integration start date.
Any transactions that are prior to this Start Date will not be added to your Donorfy. If you need to add any that fall prior to this date then they will need to be uploaded to your Donorfy. This guide will help: Importing Donations (Transactions)
Default Products
Product - Fundraising
This is the Donorfy Product that will be applied to Transactions created in Donorfy from Enthuse payments that are marked as fundraising income. Unless the donation is from a fundraising page, in which case it will use the product defined on the associated fundraising page.
Product - Event Registration
This is the Donorfy Product that will be applied to Transactions created in Donorfy from Enthuse payments that are marked as events income. It is advised that this is different from your Fundraising Product - e.g use 'Event Ticket' or 'Enthuse Ticket' - as this will help to report accurately what was a donation and what was a registration or ticket sale. 
Constituent Type
This is the Constituent Type used when creating Individual Constituents in your Donorfy.
This is the Constituent Type used when creating all non-individual Constituents in your Donorfy.


Once the settings are all completed, click on Save Changes


The integration is now fully live.

Next, head over to the Collect Data tab and set the Collect Data Automatically option to Yes.


In-house learning - Enthuse - May 2023 - Google Slides - Google Chrome 2023-05-16 at 3.56.28 PM

This will ensure that Donorfy is updated automatically with new donations and fundraising pages from Enthuse.



Next steps:

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The Donorfy Academy features a certification learning course for Enthuse - enrol here





The Enthuse integration is a Professional-only feature. Essential subscribers, please contact us to find out more about upgrading.


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