Enthuse - FAQs

  1. Is the integration available to Essential users?

    No. The Enthuse integration is a Professional-only feature. Essential subscribers, please contact us to find out more about upgrading.

  2. Is the integration live yet?

    Yes. The Enthuse integration is now open for Beta Testing, if you wish to participate please visit: The Beta Testing sign-up page.

  3. What happens with the donations on Enthuse prior to the integration start date?

    If they are not already in your Donorfy, then they will need to be downloaded from Enthuse and added to Donorfy using the File Uploader.
    To find out more about uploading data to Donorfy - see here.

  4. Is the integration instant?

    Pretty much. It depends on when the donor and donation were added to Enthuse.

    The integration can be set to run automatically (in which case it updates every 15 mins or so), or on demand.

  5. Do Gift Aid Declarations get added?

    Signed Gift Aid Declarations will not be passed into Donorfy. This data remains within Enthuse.

  6. How is Gift Aid added for Enthuse Transactions?

    Gift Aid reclaimed for Donations will be added to the Transaction in Donorfy and noted within the summary section in the Payment Header area.

    You will be able to see from a Transaction Payment List Transactions that have received Gift Aid for Enthuse by adding the Gift Aid Amount Claimed field.

  7. How are fees calculated?

    Enthuse fees vary based on your account type with them, so you would need to ask Enthuse directly about this. Any processing fees related to a donation will be added to the Processing Costs field within the Transaction on Donorfy.

  8. Connection to Enthuse failed - how do I fix this?

    If you can not establish a connection with Enthuse, then double-check that the correct credentials are being added to the Enthuse Settings area, and that credentials are not being populated by any auto-fills that your web browser may be suggesting.

  9. I've changed the integration settings - will this update donations that have already been added?

    Any changes made will not update retrospectively. If any Transactions already added to Donorfy need to also be changed this will need to be completed manually or via the File Updater - see here.

    If a transaction is deleted in Donorfy that was added to Donorfy by the Enthuse integration, this will be re-added if the integration is reset/re-run.

  10. What dates does the integration use?

    The Payment Date from Enthuse is added to the Date Due and Account Date in Donorfy.

  11. Does the integration include Events?

    Not quite...

    Where a payment has been made for an Event, this will be added to Donorfy along with the Registrant details. For further information see: How Event Registrations are added

    The additional information associated with that payment (e.g the event) is not yet available. When the items are made available within Enthuse's API we will work to add these features.

  12. Is the integration two-way?

    No. We can only draw down data from Enthuse.

  13. How do I turn the integration off?

    You can do this by opening up Integrations > Enthuse > Collect Data and set the Collect Data Automatically option to No

  14. Can I change the Start Date for the integration?

    Not from within Donorfy - you will need to raise a Support Request.

  15. Are regular donations added as an RPI?

    Not yet... currently we only receive details of the transaction.

  16. How are Enthuse codes used by Donorfy?
    Custom codes are not available within the API, so these will be ignored and the default for that campaign will be used.



Enthuse Guides:

The Donorfy Academy features a certification learning course for Enthuse - enrol here


The Enthuse integration is a Professional-only feature. Essential subscribers, please contact us to find out more about upgrading.


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