Enthuse - How Event Registrations are added


With Donorfy's Enthuse integration registrants and payments for paid events will be added automatically. Currently, only paid-for items will be added, there is no feature for free events due to limitations with the data received from Enthuse.

For any paid-for event Constituents and Transactions will be added to your Donorfy as detailed below.


The data collection process for events works slightly differently to that for donations, the data is received in two parts and consists of:

  • The Registrant - Name, Email address and Contact Preferences
  • The Payment Person - Name, Address and Email address

Whilst there is a high probability that the two are indeed the same person, we can not assume this and so the addition to Donorfy will create two Constituent Profiles. 

Where the two are the same Constitunet, please refer to the Data Management section below.


Transactions and Soft Credits

The Transaction will be added to Donorfy as described in the Enthuse - How Transactions are added guide. There will be a Soft Credit linking the Transaction to the Registrant Constituent Profile in Donorfy. 


Data Management

Once the Constituent Profiles and Transaction have been added, it is advisable that some house cleaning is completed, to ensure that where the two Constituent Profiles are the same person they are combined in to the single Constituent Profile 



  1. Simply to make reporting easier 
  2. As mentioned earlier, due to how data is passed to Donorfy from Enthuse's API the Constituent profile has, in effect, become split in two with the Payment Person's holding the address details. Further to this the name for that Constituent will have been added in a unique fashion.

When entering in the Name on Card in Enthuse, this is sent to Donorfy as First Name and Last Name, which means where there is a Title, the First Name becomes the Title (confusing I know!).

For example:

Enter payment details with a ‘Name on card’ that includes a title e.g. Mr G Gray

Constituent details in Donorfy will be:

        • Title: 
        • First Name: Mr
        • Last Name: G Gray



Be informed of all newly added Event Registrations by using a Transaction List linked to a Trigger which then sends you (or another Donorfy User) an email with the details. 

Firstly you will need to create a Transaction List. Your List can be created based on the following:

Description  Item
  AND / Type / Equals / Payment
List Type Transaction ALL
List Filters: Entered by / Equals / Donorfy.Enthuse
  AND / Date Added / IsToday
  AND / Product / Equals / The Product that you are using for your Enthuse Events Tickets in your Enthuse Settings


Next, create a Trigger based on the below items

The Trigger details would consist of:

Description  Item
Actions Email to User
Trigger Type Transaction Added
Conditions Link the Transaction List you created


Top Tip

Do not set the Trigger to be Active right away, set this once the Trigger is completed.


When creating your Email to the User, you should include enough detail for the recipient to be able to locate the Constituent easily, for example, the below placeholders:

  • Constituent Number: {Transaction_ConstituentNumber} 
  • Transaction Number: {EntityNumber} 
  • Date Added: {DateAdded} 

Here is an example Trigger:


When the Trigger is completed it can be set to be Active.


Each time a new event registration payment has been received, the User will then receive an email. They can then check the details and deem if the two Constituents are the same, if so, then they can be merged. When completing the merge...

  • The Target Constituent will be the Constituent you wish to keep - i.e The Registrant 
  • The Source Constituent will be the Constituent that features the Transaction - i.e The Payment Person

After the merge has been finalised, the Address and Transaction will be added to the Registrant Constituent Profile. The communications options, name and email will not be updated.


For further details on merging, click here: Merging Constituents


The Registrant Constituent Timeline will now feature the Transaction and Soft Credit.

The Soft Credit can be removed by opening the Transaction and then clicking the small Delete button next to the Soft Credit section and then Saving the Changes.



And that's all there is to it! 




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The Donorfy Academy features a certification learning course for Enthuse - enrol here





The Enthuse integration is a Professional-only feature. Essential subscribers, please contact us to find out more about upgrading.


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