Incident - Email Server Connections 26th May 2023



Email Server Connection issue - error message presented " Error - Value cannot be null. Parameter name: source"






We are aware of an issue with the email server connections to Donorfy. This is affecting all email-related items such as Acknowledgements, Email based Trigger actions, and Task Notifications. 


This has been concluded and the issue resolved


Remedial work:

The development team are working to re-establish Email Server Connections as a matter of priority.


Any other impacts:

Where an Email Server Connection becomes unconnected, email-based items such as Acknowledgements, Email-based Trigger actions, and Task Notifications can not be sent. 

Any Autoations and Journeys to 3rd Party marketing solutions are not affected - i.e. DotDigital and Mailchimp.


Email Acknowldgements: Where emails are unable to be sent, these will 'pool' under the Financial > Acknowledgements area where they can be sent either individually or in bulk. 
There is a section for email acknowledgements and one for RPI acknowldgements. 


Triggers and Tasks: As these are items that are single actions only, these can not be resent. 

There is a Log of Triggers - failed items will be identified by a red exclamation mark.
The Supporter details can be located by expanding the log entry.
These items will need to be sent manually from the Supporter Timeline.


Time to resolution: 

We hope to have this resolved as soon as possible. This article will be kept updated and dates/times detailed.

Update: Issue fully resolved


Current items being actioned:

26/05/2023 as of 9.15am: Issue identified with Gmail and Office365 email connections and escalated for deeper investigation. 


26/05/2023 as of 10 am: Investigations regarding connectivity still proceeding


26/05/2023 as of 11 am: Investigations regarding connectivity still proceeding


26/05/2023 as of 11.15 am: Investigations regarding connectivity concluded and resolution completed and tested.


26/05/2023 as of 11.30 am: Deployment to Live Donorfy is being compiled and set for release.


26/05/2023 as of 12.05 am: Deployment to Live Donorfy Completed


Email Server Connection and sending of emails tested in Live and confirmed as now working.





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