On a constituent's profile you will see two boxes labelled 'Connections' and 'Other Connections'- see example below - which track the connections this constituent has.  

The connections box can contain connections that you create - e.g. if you are aware that one constituent knows another you can add that connection.

The other connections box shows the connections identified by links in the data you have entered into Donorfy - including soft credits, connected timeline entries, beneficiary relationships, shared addresses and so on. 

Connections are reciprocal so the connection is shown on the profiles of both the constituents that the connection is between.

The view button will display a diagram showing the constituent's connection network.



Adding a Connection

To add a new connection:

  • Click on the Add button in the Connections Box
  • Click on the Blue Find button to find the Constituent that you want to add
  • Add the connection type to this constituent - i.e how do they know each other
  • Add any other details that you may require
  • Add a connection strength (1 low/cool to 5 high/hot)
  • Add a Start Date
  • Add an End Date (if required, can be left open)
  • Then click on Add - this will save your connection


Connections Lists

If you want to see or download a list of connections, you can do that by creating a Connections List (Add | List | Connection List). You can see and filter on information about both "sides" of a connection. 


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