Web Widgets Donations and Existing Constituents


If someone makes a donation via a Donorfy web widget or a campaign donation page Donorfy will try and match the donation to your existing constituents. The matching process uses the same approach that we use for duplicate checking see 'How the checks are run' in this article for more information about how we match - we will 

  • link the form to the best matching existing constituent where we find one or more constituents with a matching score of 13 or higher
  • add a constituent and link the form to it where we do find any matches scoring 13 or higher

If one existing constituent is matched to the donation then any additional information provided with the donation will be used to update the constituent:

  • If the existing constituent does not have any postal address any address provided will be added to the record 
  • If a phone number or email address is provided they will be added to the existing constituent as long as there are available empty email or phone fields
  • The channel permissions (e.g. ok to mail etc) will be updated
  • Any tags selected with the donation will be added - existing tags will not be removed from the constituent's record 

If the donation details match more than one constituent then they will be shown as To be Resolved under Financial > Online Donations - you can then choose which constituent the donation was made by - when you make that choice the updates described above will be made to an existing constituent.




Web Widgets are a Professional-only feature. Essential subscribers, please contact us to find out more about upgrading.


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