Web Widgets Donations and Existing Constituents


If someone makes a donation via a Donorfy web widget or a campaign donation page Donorfy will try and match the donation to your existing constituents - this matching is performed  using the name, email, address & phone entered with the donation.

If one existing constituent is matched to the donation then any additional information provided with the donation will be used to update the constituent:

  • If the existing constituent does not have any postal address any address provided will be added to the record 
  • If a phone number or email address is provided they will be added to the existing constituent as long as there are available empty email or phone fields
  • The channel permissions (e.g. ok to mail etc) will be updated
  • Any tags selected with the donation will be added - existing tags will not be removed from the constituent's record 

If the donation details match more than one constituent then they will be shown as To be Resolved under Financial | Online Donations - you can then choose which constituent the donation was made by - when you make that choice the updates described above will be made to an existing constituent.



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