Excel doesn't display diacritics (accents) in download files


If you create a download file which includes names or addresses containing diacritics (i.e. accents) then you may find that when you open the file in Excel that the diacritics are not properly displayed - however if you open the file in other programs - e.g. Notepad - then the diacritics are displayed properly.

To resolve this problem you can

On a computer running Windows

  • Open the CSV file using Notepad
  • Click 'File > Save As'
  • In the dialog window that appears - select ANSI from the Encoding field - as per the screen shot below-  then click Save
  • Open this new CSV file using Excel and your accented characters should be displayed properly

On a Mac:

The options are:

  • if you have access to a Windows computer follow the method using Notepad above - Excel on the Mac will then display the diacritics properly
  • Use the Numbers application instead of Excel
  • If the options above are not possible then the best you can do using Excel on a Mac
    • Create a new spreadsheet
    • Import the data from the downloaded file using the Data menu by choosing Get External Data | Import text file - for the File origin setting choose Unicode 7 - this will remove the accents from the characters



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