Handling your own EFT using Donorfy


Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) is the process of collecting funds on a regular basis from your constituents’ accounts into yours. Typical uses are for regular donations and membership subscriptions.

There are various forms of EFT including Direct Debit which is a service run by BACS on behalf of UK banks, but they follow a similar workflow.

Donorfy contains all the information required to collect funds. It has a built-in integration to the GoCardless system for collecting Direct Debits. However, if you use another form of EFT, or have your own BACS service user number (SUN), you may prefer to use the EFT feature of Donorfy instead which provides the data you need to import to your EFT software to control the process of lodging new instructions and collecting payments. Donorfy EFT also handles communications with the constituents.

The Donorfy EFT solution has the following features:

  • New instructions can be entered or imported and lodged with the EFT provider
  • Multiple EFT collection types can be used simultaneously
  • Upgrades can applied
  • Monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly payments can be collected
  • Constituent communications can be sent by letter and email
  • Collect as often as you like - daily, weekly, monthly, annually.
  • Manage failed transactions
  • Post successful transactions
  • Integrated with Gift Aid




The EFT Process is a Professional-only feature. Essential subscribers, please contact us to find out more about upgrading.


These are the steps you need to go through to set up and use your own EFT solution

  • Set up your collection method(s) see this article - this is typically something you do once
  • RPIs will be added, imported and updated as a part of your normal day to day operation - see this article
  • Payment Collection, every month you need to do the following - if you do multiple collections in a month you would repeat these steps for each separate collection
    • Under Financial | EFT you 
      • Create an EFT batch for the payments due for collection in the month - see this article
      • Download the EFT file created and transmit to BACS using your EFT software
    • Under Financial | Batch Transactions
      • Open your EFT batch and mark any transactions that were not collected - see 'Updating Transactions in the Batch' in this article
      • When you have marked all failed payments post the batch - the payments that were collected will be added to the constituent's timelines
  • Lodging new direct debits - some types of EFT collection require you to send a file of instructions which are then lodged with supporters bank before payments can be collected - how often you do this will depend upon the number of new direct debits sign ups you have - see this article for more information

You need to have admin rights to access the EFT functions


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