Ignoring Duplicate Warnings when Uploading a File


When you upload a file containing constituents Donorfy checks whether the people in the file are already in the database - if there are matches you will see a message similar to the one shown below

You can download the file to review the matches - the action column as shown in the example below - will contain

  • Import for rows that are not considered to be duplicates
  • Ignore for rows which are considered duplicates

If you want to ignore the warning and import some (or all) of the constituents flagged as potential duplicates you should 

  • Change the Action from Ignore to Import for the constituents that you want to import 
  • You can leave lines with Action of n/a in the file - those lines will be ignored by Donorfy - you can remove the n/a lines if you prefer
  • Save the file
  • Re-upload the file to Donorfy
  • You may have to check the field mappings and ignore the Status and Action columns that were added by Donorfy - see below
  • The file will not be checked again as the presence of the Status & Action columns will indicate to Donorfy that the file has already been checked
  • When you press Save Changes the constituents with a Action of 'Import' will be added to Donorfy

The first attempt at processing the file will still in the queue in Donorfy - see example below - it is best to delete the first attempt to avoid accidentally applying it  


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