Importing Recurring Payment Instructions


The Donorfy File Upload template allows you to import new Recurring Payment Instructions (RPIs) and upgrades to existing RPIs. The template can found in Data Management | File Upload - please see this article for an overview.

Importing New RPIs

Each row imported will create a new RPI on the corresponding Constituent record - it does not create new constituents, so these need to be created first.

Open the data preparation template and remove all the worksheets except the one called 'Recurring Payment Instruction' - the available columns are:

  • ConstituentNumber, Email Address, Phone Number and External Key - these are used to find the constituent that the RPI belongs to
  • RPI Type - this must be set to either 'Recurring Donation' or 'Membership' to indicate what the RPI is for
  • Frequency - enter one of Month, Year, Quarter or Half Year to indicate how often the payments are expected
  • Collection Method - enter the description of a collection method you have set up or enter Standing Orders
  • Collection Day - enter 1 to 31 to indicate the day you expect the payments to be made
  • Start Month - enter the name of the month (i.e. January, February etc) when payments will start - for monthly paid RPIs this can be the current month - for other frequencies this month and the start date below will control when payments are expected
  • Start Date -  the date payments are expected to begin
  • End Date - the date payments are expected to end - enter 31/12/2099 if the RPI does not have an end date
  • Amount - amount that will be paid each time a payment is collected - e.g. if the payment frequency is Month then this would be the monthly amount
  • Campaign - the name of the campaign associated with the RPI - this must be entered
  • RPI Status - enter Active if payments are expected straight away or To be Lodged if account details have to be lodged (e.g. with BACS) before payments can be collected 
  • Collection Reference 1 to 5 - populate these according to definition of those fields for the collection method - for GoCardless RPIs this must be the GoCardless mandate id - not the customer id
  • PotentialGiftAid - enter Yes if donations under this instruction can potentially have tax reclaimed under gift aid
  • Comments - text that can be stored for the RPI
  • Channel - optional - channel by which the RPI was signed up - e.g. website, face to face etc
  • Product - mandatory - the product - e.g. donation - for the RPI
  • Department - optional - enter a valid department if the RPI 'belongs' to a department in your organisation 
  • Currency - optional 
  • Bank Account - optional - the bank account into which donations collected under the RPI will be paid 
  • Fund - mandatory - the fund which donations collected under the RPI will be allocated to
  • Acknowledgment Doc - optional - the acknowledgement document that will be sent to the constituent
  • Acknowledgement Text - optional - any additional text to include in the acknowledgement document
  • Reference - optional - reference for the RPI - e.g. from external agency
  • Beneficiary ConstituentNumber, External Key or Email - if provided this information will be used to find an existing constituent who is the beneficiary of the RPI
  • Connected ConstituentNumber, External Key or Email if provided this information will be used to find an existing constituent who is connected to the RPI
  • Optional Fields to create Gift Aid Declaration 
    • Create Gift Aid Declaration - Enter Yes to create a gift aid declaration - 
    • Declaration Date -enter the date the declaration was made - if you leave this blank the donation date paid will be used 
    • Declaration Start Date - enter the date the declaration started, if a date is not provided the start date will be set to 4 years before the declaration date
    • Declaration End Date - enter the date the declaration will end, if a date is not provided the end date will be set to 99 years after the declaration date
    • Declaration Method - this should be a valid gift aid declaration method - as set up in your settings
    • Confirmation Required? Enter Yes if a confirmation must be sent before you can claim using the new declaration - see this article for more info
    • Tax Payer Title, First Name, Last Name - name of the person making the declaration - if these are not provided the title and name from the constituent will be used
    • AttachedDocument - this allows you link a document (e.g. scan of a gift aid declaration) to the gift aid declaration - please see this article for more information


To find out about how to bulk update RPIs - see this article: Updating Recurring Payment Instructions

To add an upgrade in bulk to RPIs - see this article: Upgrading / Increasing Recurring Payment Instructions (RPIs) via the File Uploader


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