Exporting new RPIs for lodging with your EFT Institution


Some types of EFT collection require you to send a file of instructions which are then lodged with supporters bank before payments can be collected.

If your collection method needs a lodgement file you must:

  • Go into Settings and open your collection method
  • Set the default status to 'To be Lodged' - you will then be able to specify the fields in your lodgement files - see the knowledge base article about setting up collection methods for more information.

Periodically you need to create a lodgement file containing details of new recurring payments - how often you do this will depend upon how many new donors you have signed up to make a donation using the collection method.

To create the file in Financial | EFT

  • Click on the 'Create Lodgement Files' tab
  • Select the Collection Method - e.g. Direct Debits via [your BACS software].
  • Click 'Create Lodgement File' - this will prepare a CSV file of RPIs whose status is 'To be Lodged' which will be displayed in the list of Available Downloads on the tab
  • RPIs included in the file will have their status changed from 'To be Lodged' to 'Lodged and Awaiting Confirmation'

After the lodgement file had been created and when the 'Elapsed days Required' associated with the collection method has passed the RPIs in the file will have their status changed to Active - this is done by an overnight process - your RPIs are now active and will have expected payments created for them which can be included in payment files.

If a lodgement fails find the RPI on the constituent's timeline and change its status to Cancelled from the RPI manage menu. You can then contact the supporter to resolve the problem.

Re-lodging an RPI

If you need to re-lodge an RPI - e.g. because bank account details have changed - choose Relodge from the RPI manage menu. This will change the status of this RPI so it gets included in the next lodgement file created for the RPI's collection method, payments will not be collected for this RPI whilst it is awaiting lodgement.




The EFT Process is a Professional-only feature. Essential subscribers, please contact us to find out more about upgrading.




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