Cancelling a Recurring Payment Instruction


There are two ways that you can be notified of a constituent’s intent to cancel their recurring payment instruction (RPI) - one is via their bank - which will come through to you as a report from your EFT software. The other is that they will contact you to ask you to cancel it for them. Either way you need to manually cancel them in Donorfy. To do this:

  • Locate their RPI and click on the orange Manage button to select Cancel
  • Choose the Reason from the drop down - the reasons are set up in Settings
  • Select the Date
  • Click Save.

If the collection method is set up to require details to be lodged - i.e. the Default Status is 'to be lodged' the status of the RPI will change to Cancellation Pending which means the details can be included in a cancellation file. If the collection method does not require lodging the status will be set to Cancelled.

Both Cancellation Pending & Cancelled will mean no future collections will be attempted for the RPI.

You can send a communication to a constituent confirming their cancellation. To do this:

  • Click on the orange Manage button and select Send Document - more info here, also see article for information about setting up letters and emails 
  • Choose a document from the dropdown, make any changes to the document and either print or send.
  • The document sent will be saved in an activity which will appear on the RPI’s and constituent’s Timelines.

To create a cancellation file to submit via your EFT software you 

  • Must first have set up the details of the cancellation file - see this for more information
  • Under EFT click on the 'Create Cancellation Files' tab
  • Select the Collection Method - e.g. Direct Debits via [your BACS software].
  • Click 'CreateCancellation File' - this will
    • prepare a CSV file of RPIs whose status is 'Cancellation Pending' which will be displayed in the list of Available Downloads on the tab
    • RPIs included in the file will have their status changed to Cancelled


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