Constituents - overview


Constituents are the people and organisations in your database.

Constituents are classified by a Constituent Type.

Constituent Types can be flagged as Groups - meaning they are organisations of some sort, and display slightly differently in Donorfy:

A constituent whose constituent type is a group will display Name (of the organisation), and allow a Main Contact to be associated. It will not have a Personal tab in the Contact Details panel - just Work and Other.

A constituent whose constituent type is NOT a group (i.e. they're a person), will display personal details (name, gender, date of birth etc), and will have a Personal tab in Contact Details, as well as Work and Other.

Constituent information is arranged over 2 tabs:

  • Profile - name, contact details, tags etc
  • Timeline - a combined history or constituent engagement shown in reverse chronological order, comprising:
    • Transactions - financial transactions (donations, subscriptions, purchases).
    • Recurring Payment Instructions - a record of the constituent's intention to make regular financial transactions.
    • Activities - communication history, event registrations - as defined by Activity Type
    • Gift Aid Declarations.
    • Opportunities - high value funding bids.
    • Opportunity Pledges - pledged income from Opportunities.
    • Change Log - a history of changes to this constituent record.

Constituents can be connected to other constituents (and Campaigns) using Connections, according to connection types, which are themselves customisable.

Constituents can be labelled using Tags. Tags are arranged into Tag Categories and displayed accordingly on the constituent form.


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