Tags - overview


Tags are ways to label things in Donorfy - primarily Constituents, but also Campaigns.

Tags are arranged into Tag Categories. For example, for the Tag Category "Colour of eyes", you could have tags of "Blue", "Green" and "Brown".

Having added a Tag to say a constituent, you can click on the Tag to add further information about that tag on that constituent, including:

  • Start and end dates - if left blank it means open-ended,  otherwise the tag will be considered present if within the dates.
  • End date
  • Excluded? If No this tag is considered active. If yes this tag is considered to be negative - i.e. inverted. For example, if you have a tag called "Potential Legacy pledger" - the presence of a tag on a constituent's records could mean:
    • tag is present and not excluded - they are a potential legacy pledger
    • tag is present but excluded - they have said they do not wish to pledge a legacy
    • tag is not present - we don't know
  • Campaign - the campaign which caused this tag to be added
  • Notes
  • Plus a number of custom fields can be set up in Settings when creating the tab (see Setting up Tags).

You can set a Tag to be pinned to the top of a constituent profile as a way of highlighting key information (see Pinning a Tag)

Tags can be made to appear and disappear from constituents using the Auto Tagging feature (Professional plan only).


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