Donorfy can help you manage targeted, bespoke funding approaches, such as applying for grants from Trusts & Foundations. Typically, these involve smaller numbers of potential donors, but require more complex information and processes, with a focus on developing and managing relationships over longer periods.


Trust fundraising in Donorfy

There are three areas to consider:

  • Prospect research - recording information about a Trust that remains reasonably constant. This is held on a Trust constituent, along with information such as contact details, areas of interest (criteria), the application process, average amounts awarded, previous grants, etc, that is held in the Trust Info panel on the constituent form.
  • Planning and managing the application and follow-up process using the Opportunities feature.
  • Gaining an overview of fundraising activity; e.g. what applications have we got in the pipeline, how much money have we received so far, what funding might we expect? This is achieved by viewing the Pipeline and using the Lists feature.


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