You can report on grant applications in two main ways in Donorfy - the Pipeline, and using the Lists feature.

Opportunity Pipeline

To view the current state of the pipeline of opportunites, select Opportunities from left-hand menu to see the overall Pipeline. The Pipeline shows probable value (Amount x % probability) by month according to the Expected Close Date. Note - this is for all open Opportunities (those whose stage does not end with an asterisk such as Successful*). If you have completed an amount, % probability and date within the individual Opportunity, this will be reflected in the pipeline diagram, with different colours used for different Opportunity Types.

Below the Pipeline diagram is a window showing all Opportunities, which can be filtered by type, user name, and Campaign using the check boxes. You can also change the column display to see different information about your selected Opportunities.

Pledge Pipeline

This shows the amounts pledged, by month, from the Pledges tab in Opportunities.


To create more sophisticated reports, use the Lists function. For example:

A Constituent list will provide information at the Constituent level.

  • You can analyse and filter on the static information you hold about your Trusts, report on previous grants, current funding status etc
  • You may wish to reflect some of this information as an Auto-Tag on the individual Trust record. For example, create a list filter, "Constituent Type = Trust" AND "Total Amount This Year > 0". Set up a Tag, e.g. Current Funder, and link it to this list using Auto-Tagging.

Use a Transaction list to give detail about actual grants received, within a defined period, which Campaign they link to, the Funds they are allocated to.

An Opportunity list will provide an overview of information such as;

  • What applications are in progress?
  • Who are we applying to, how much for and for what?
  • What stage are we at with these, who is responsible?
  • Who else is involved (Opportunity Contact)?
  • Useful fields to filter on within an Opportunity List include;
    • Stage
    • Assigned to
    • Expected close date (for the stage or overall opportunity)
    • Value
    • Research Score
    • Opportunity Contact
    • Linked Campaign

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