Gmail - Error Authorising Gmail



Sometimes when authorising to Donorfy to link to your gmail you may see an error message similar to the one below - to resolve the error click on the Advanced link

(If you do not see the Advanced link, then see GSuite Security Centre note below)


Next click on Go to

Click on the Allow button, you will then be returned to Donorfy and your email will be setup




GSuite Security Centre 

If you do not see the Advanced link from the authorisation box in the first step, then this may be because you are not the account administrator for your organisations GSuite. 


Access will instead be needed to be re-granted from within your GSuite by your account administrator - 

They can do this in your organisations GSuite via:

Admin Console > Security > App Access Control > Manage third party app Access

There will then be the option to configure a new app. Search for Donorfy and then grant access.


Re-open the Email Server Settings is Donorfy and then re-follow the setup process for GMail.


Sometimes, other configurations within Google Account Settings can still block access to the authorisation of Donorfy as a Third Party App. In this case you will need to register Donorfy as a Trusted App within the API App Controls centre. 

Details on this can be found in Googles Support docs:

Once registered, as it is then a Trusted App, it will bypass Google's auto-blocking process. This will then allowed you to authorise the integration in the usual way.



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