Creating connections between existing constituents using the file uploader


When you upload a file of constituents you can create connections between the new constituents in your file and existing constituents in your Donorfy this article explains how to do that.

However if you want to create connections between existing connections you should following these instructions.

Download the Donorfy data preparation template from Data Management | File Upload - this is an Excel workbook - remove all the worksheets apart from the 'Connections' worksheet.

You need provide sufficient information for the two constituents you want to connect to be found in your Donorfy - you can find constituents by

  • Constituent Number  
  • Constituent External Key
  • Constituent Email Address

There are from and to columns for those 3 fields - for example if you wanted to connect constituent number 1000 to constituent number 2000 you would enter

  • FromConstituentNumber = 1000
  • ToConstituentNumber = 2000

You would leave the other from and to fields - i.e. external key and email address empty.

If you don't see these columns in the data preparation template you may need to update the template - see this article for help with that

In addition you can use these columns to provide more information about the connection

  • Connection type - optionally can contain a valid connection type - this will be used for the 'from' connection any reciprocal will be used for the 'to' connection
  • Connection details - any comments / notes you want to add about the connection
  • Connection From Date - date connection started
  • Connection To Date - date connection ended
  • Connection Strength - must be a number from 1 to 5


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