How to create badges / name and address labels


From time to time, you may need to create name or name and address labels to use at events or for mailings. This can be achieved within Donorfy via a List, such as a Constituent List

The majority of Lists in Donorfy feature contact details, so you are not limited to just using a Constituent List, for example, you may have an Activity added to Constituent Timelines which you need to create badges for - this can be done from an Activity List.

Creating your List

The following process is an example of how to create a simple data set that can be downloaded for a mail merge within MS Word.

To create a standard address label consisting of generic mailing details such as constituent names and addresses you should do the following:

Click on Lists from the navigation options



Next, select the type of List you would like to use (for this illustration we will be using a Constituent List and mailing to constituent personal addresses). To do this click on Add at the top of your screen and then select your chosen List



  • Name your List accordingly 
  • Add any filters that you would like to use, for example:
    • Not archived
    • Channel Permissions are OK to Mail
    • Add in any Purposes 
    • The constituents are in a certain location
    • Has or doesn't have a certain tag/s
    • Check your data set to see if the outcomes you were expecting by clicking on Save and Update Preview. Adjust your filters and criteria if required, and save. 

For example, 




Next, add in the data fields that you would like to see and use for your mailing:

  • Click on the field chooser box



  • Select the data that you would like to use in your mailing.
    For example: 
    • Personal Salutation
    • Personal Label Name
    • Personal Address Lines, including Country if you are also mailing overseas
    • Any additional details that you may want to add, i.e a work address...

Once your data fields have been selected, click on Save & Update Preview


Downloading your data

To download the list as a CSV file for your mail merge press the cloud button at the top of the list.




At this point, you now have the option to update constituent timelines with an Activity entry for your mailing. If you would like to, toggle the switch to Yes.



If you opted to add an Activity, then complete the Activity details as you require.




Press the Prepare Download button - if you have a lot of constituents in your list it might take a while to prepare the download.

You can wait for the download preparation to finish - the status will be displayed at the top of your screen


Or you can go and do something else and retrieve your download from Data Management > Downloads later on.

The file created by the download will have the name and address information for the constituents - the details in the file will be based on the constituent's communications preferences and the contact details to use you chose for the list. 

Use the download file as the data source for your mail merge in your word processor.  Microsoft has a support document detailing how to complete your mail merge: Mail Merge - Microsoft Support



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