Charity Toolkit - Linking Access Charity Websites/Raising IT to Donorfy


If you are currently using a website created using Raising IT (now renamed Access Charity Websites) you can now link the two via an integration built and supported by our Partner, Andi Best.

 Automatically sync your Access donor and transaction data with Donorfy. Preferences, Gift Aid and more, all ready for reporting.   Connect Access and Donorfy

The integration dispenses with the time-consuming manual export and upload of data between the two platforms. Andi Best's Charity Toolkit programme you can connect both systems to automatically send data from Raising IT over to Donorfy.

It works like this:

  • At set intervals all donation and appeal data is grabbed from Raising IT
  • Using this Donorfy will identify a known Constituent or will create a new one
  • The donor's Gift Aid Declaration is added, if applicable, and their Communication Preferences are set up accordingly
  • The donation is appended to their Timeline, assigned to the necessary Campaign and with Comments available for reporting within Lists.
  • "Cover our costs" is supported as a separate Allocation
  • You'll also get a custom Activity on the Timeline that documents the data transfer, including successes and failures.

To find out more about Charity Toolkit, pricing and availability, please visit Andi's website by clicking on the link below:


Find out more about Charity Toolkit





This integration uses the API functionality in Donorfy which is a Professional-only feature. Essential subscribers, please contact us to find out more about upgrading.


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