FAQ: Stepped or Progression view on a Form


Can you create a Form where each part is shown as a single step and when clicking on a 'Next' button moves you to the next step to complete?


Donorfy Forms are not currently designed in this way. A Form will fully display on the web page. 

You can use a Content Element to introduce the step/stage in the Form that a supporter has got to.

For example -

In Form Designer add Content Elements as you require and insert your text introducing the step:


This displays on your Form as below:


If you would like to create a donation page where each section is introduced on a new 'page' in a stepped/progression way, then this can be done using a Web Widget.

One of our Partners could do this for you if you do not have a capable web developer in the team.


The Donorfy Academy features a learning course for Donation Forms - enrol here


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