Fund is the destination for the money - the 'pot'. For example you may have a range of reserved funds and a general fund. A Fund exists on the Allocation part of a Transaction.


Funds are to be used in your financial transactions, main transaction default settings and financial settings for donation Forms and Web Widgets. 


To add a Funds

  • Open Settings > Configuration > Funds

  • Click on the + icon to the right of the screen
  • Enter the description for the Fund being added
  • Ensure it is set to Active
  • Add an Accounts Interface Code (if required) - this will be exported as part of the Accounts Download process

  • If you are wanting to use the Fund as a selectable option within online Forms, add a description to the field: Description of fund to show on forms
  • Click on Save Changes


Reporting on Funds in Lists

In your List, click on the data field selector icon, and type 'Fund' into the search field - the options will then be displayed - select the one that says: Fund


The Donorfy Academy features a learning course for Financial Settings - enrol here


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