Payment Methods


Within Donorfy you can add as many types of payment that your organisation used to collect payments from your supporters.

Donorfy comes with some preset Payment Methods and there are some default Payment Methods for automated processes, these are detailed below:

Pre-configured Payment Methods

CAF Card
CAF Cheque
CAF Voucher
Card Donation
Direct Debit - other
Direct Debit Donation
Direct Debit via GoCardless
Facebook Birthday Fundraiser
Facebook Generic Fundraiser
Facebook Page Donate Button
Facebook Post Donate Button
Gift Aid Payment
Instagram Feed Fundraiser
Payment Card via Stripe
PayPal Donation
Standing Order
Virgin Money Giving
Virgin Money Giving - Recurring



Default Payment methods

Payment Card - this is used within the Campaign Donation Pages and Stripe RPI process

Direct Debit - this is used within the GoCardless Direct Debit process



Payment Methods can also be used to determine whether a transaction made is eligible for consideration for Gift Aid, and whether it is a recurring gift.


To add a Payment Method

  • Open Settings > Configuration > Payment Methods

  • Click on the + icon to the right of the screen and the form below will be displayed:

  • Enter the description for the Payment Method being added
  • Ensure it is set to Active
  • Add the additional detail as required:
  • Click on Save Changes


The Payment will then be available when adding a Transaction to your Donorfy. The field selection for the Payment Method is within the Transaction Payment section:




Reporting on Payment Methods in Transaction Lists

Payment Methods can be used within a Lists Filter options and added as a field In your List, for example:


To add the data field, click on the data field selector icon, and type 'Payment Method' into the search field - the options will then be displayed:


The Donorfy Academy features a learning course for Financial Settings - enrol here


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