Creating a Sandbox in Donorfy


A Sandbox account can be created in Donorfy to allow for the testing of processes, Forms, Widgets, and the API without compromising data integrity within your main Donorfy account. 


This guide explores:

  • Requirements
  • What a Sandbox is
  • What it costs
  • How to create a Sandbox
  • How to delete a Sandbox




  • Sandboxes are a Professional-only feature. Essential subscribers, please contact us to find out more about upgrading.
  • To create a Sandbox account you will require Administrator permissions.


What is it?

A Sandboxed account is a separate account to your main Donorfy account and will feature a copy of your main Donorfy account without the Constituent Data. 

Any changes you subsequently make to the settings in your live Donorfy will not affect any sandboxes you have previously created, similarly, any changes you make in a sandbox will not change anything in your live Donorfy or other sandboxes.

The following items are copied from your live Donorfy into the sandbox:


  • Opportunities | Settings
  • Membership | Settings
  • Membership | Membership Status rules
  • Membership | Membership Price Change rules
  • Campaigns - including any campaign items and campaign segments 
  • Lists
  • Financial | Batched Transactions | Batch Templates
  • Financial | Gift Aid | Settings, ensure that “Submit Gift Aid Claims to HMRC” is set to No.
  • Forms
  • Data Management | Triggers
  • Integrations | Eventbrite | Settings
  • Integrations | Facebook Giving Tools | Settings
  • Integrations | JustGiving | Settings
  • Integrations | Mailchimp | Settings
  • Integrations | DotDigital | Settings - ensure that the Scheduled Sync is disabled in the sandbox for all sync schedules
  • Integrations | OnlineFundraising | Settings
  • Settings | Configuration
  • Settings | Users - only the user that created the sandbox is copied over, you can invite others to people into the sandbox as needed
  • Settings | Account | Organisation - the organisation name will be set to [your organisation name] + “ [Sandbox] dd/mm/yyyy at hh:mm:ss”
  • Settings | Account | Billing
  • Settings | Account | Donorfy Settings -  the API will be a specific key for the sandbox


Please note

Integration settings will be live per your main Donorfy account and will receive the same data in the Sandbox as your main Donorfy account - e.g. new donations from JustGiving and new Mailchimp signups. If you do not wish these to be entered into your Sandbox, please remove the setting details from the integration area in your Sandbox account only. Integration API Keys can be removed by overtyping with a space and then saving the changes.


There are some restrictions on what a Sandbox can do, these are:

  • GoCardless Direct Debit collections (financials into Donorfy)
  • Stripe Payment collections (financials into Donorfy)
  • Gift Aid submissions

You can create as many Sandbox accounts as you need.


What does it cost

The monthly cost to create a Sandbox account is detailed here: Donorfy Sandbox Pricing

Any Constituent data added to the account will also be counted toward your monthly constituent numbers and will be billed accordingly.


How to create a Sandbox

To get started with a Sandbox account:

  • Click on Settings > Account > Sandboxes
  • Click on Create a new Sandbox
  • Click on Yes to confirm the Sandbox creation
  • A confirmation email will be sent

Once you have affirmed the creation of the Sandbox account a confirmation banner will be displayed noting an email will be sent to you when the Sandbox has been created.


Example of email:

  • Once the Sandbox has been created Administrators will be able to log in using thier usual credentials via the usual login page:
  • The Sandbox will appear as a separate Donorfy account as per the example below:
Once logged in to the Sandbox, there will be a red banner at the top of the page to denote that you are in the Sandbox account.


Deleting a Sandbox

Sandboxes can easily be deleted once they have served their purpose.

To do this:

  • Open Settings > Account > Sandboxes and locate the Sandbox that you would like to delete

  • Click on the red cross icon to the right of the screen
  • Confirm the deletion

  • A confirmation email will be sent



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