Tracking Codes for Forms


Forms can be deployed to your website and communications quickly and simply, but how can you tell which Form is performing well or where traffic to that Form is being driven from?

Forms can be tracked by UTM codes and Google Analytics

Each form has the ability to create a set of UTM codes. To create these codes:

  • Open the Form you wish to track
  • Click on the Tracking tab

This tab allows you to create URLs that can be used in your communications to track how someone arrived at your form. It uses the widely used UTM parameter convention to construct a URL which arrives at your form with the following parameter

  • UTM Source - eg facebook, google, twitter, email
  • UTM Medium - eg ppc (for pay per click), content
  • UTM Content - eg advariant1, advariant2

Where will the form be hosted? This field only displays when the form is not standalone (see Behaviour tab). Donorfy needs to know this in order to generate the example code.

Click on Create Link to generate the form URL and iframe code including UTM parameters. The URL can then be sent 


UTM parameters in the database

When a form is submitted with UTM parameters in the URL the parameters are stored against the form and can be viewed from the Forms > History by including the UTM columns in the list. You can download the list to analyze the UTM codes e.g. in Excel.


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