Find Constituents that donated within a Time frame and show the amount of times donated


How to create a list to show people who have donated within a certain time frame and list the constituents who have donated for the first time?



You can use a Transaction Payment List, where you can filter to 'Date Paid is between' and add your date range. This will show ALL the transactions in this timeframe, so a constituent may appear more than once.

The List can be downloaded and opened in Excel and the Duplicates removed, leaving just a single data line.


In your List of results, you can then add the field for Giving Stats - Lifetime > Lifetime Gifts Number

This will show how many times a Constituent has donated. 

You can refine your filtering to show you those who have donated a certain number of times, for example, those that have donated once, by adding a filter for 'Lifetime Gifts Number' equals 1' 
If you want to use the Constituents in this Transaction list for other purposes, you can Tag all those the List and then view the tagged Constituents on within a Constituent List or an Activity List, etc. via the 'Active Tags' filter. 


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