Donorfy comes with two sample acknowledgements called ‘Thank You Email’ and 'Thank You Letter' - you can set up further acknowledgement types from the settings menu - see this article for more information

The Thank You is automatically selected when new donations are entered into the system, you can choose a different default acknowledgement type by changing the Transaction Entry Defaults in settings.

If you don't want Donorfy to automatically select acknowledgements then clear the settings for Default Email Acknowledgement Template & Default Mail Acknowledgement Template in Transaction Entry Defaults.

Entering a Donation

When you are entering a donation Donorfy will use the constituent's contact preferences to determine whether an email or letter acknowledgement is more appropriate.

You can view or change the acknowledgement by pressing more to show the fields for working with acknowledgements


After you have pressed the arrow you will see which acknowledgement template has been selected, you can change this if required.




You can also add text to personalise the acknowledgement.


Preventing the Sending of Acknowledgement

If you remove the acknowledgement template then an acknowledgement will not be sent for the donation - you do this by choosing the blank entry which is the first entry in the list


Sending the Acknowledgements

Click on acknowledgements under the Financial menu, the two lists (one for email & one for download) show any donations from the last 30 days that have not yet been acknowledged.

You can review the items in the list, you can also enter or change any acknowledgement personalisation text or change the acknowledgement template to be used.

Email Acknowledgements

Press the Send Acknowledgment button to send the acknowledgement email, once the email has been sent it will be removed from the list

If you decide not to send an acknowledgement press the ‘Don’t Send’ button. If you press Don’t Send but then decide you need to send an acknowledgement, find the transaction on the constituent's timeline and select an acknowledgement template.

Mail Acknowledgements

The download tab allows you to download a CSV file to mail merge into a document locally. Any download files you have previously created are shown together with a list of donations that need acknowledgements.

Press the Create New Download File to create a new file - once the file has been prepared press the Download button.


Record of Acknowledgement being sent


Once the Acknowledgement has been sent from or downloaded from your Donorfy, the date that the action was completed will be added within the Transaction that which it relates. The Date Acknowledged will be added, as per the below image:




Re-sending an Acknowledgement

To resend an Acknowledgement find the corresponding transaction on the constituent's Timeline and open it - click the down arrow in the payment section to show more details, then delete the Acknowledged On date, followed by Save Changes.

Once the Transaction change has been saved, the Transaction will be added to the Acknowledgements section under Financial. 

Key Info:
Only transactions that have been added within the last 30 days will be collated in the Acknowledgment section. 

If a transaction has not been acknowledged within that timeframe then they will need to be located from a Transaction Payment List using the filter options Acknowledgment Is Not Empty and Acknowledged on is Empty - add any additional filters as required.


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