Transaction Data Summary


This is a summary of the meaning of the various pieces of data you can assign to a transaction.

These are the key pieces of data

  • Campaign - the fundraising or marketing initiative that prompted the donation or payment - e.g. Christmas Appeal
  • Payment Method - how the payment was made e.g. by cheque, payment card
  • Product - what the payment was for e.g. donation, membership
  • Acknowledgement - the letter or email you want to send to thank a constituent

You can also assign these

  • Bank Account - which of your bank accounts the money was paid into
  • Currency - which currency the payment was made in
  • Channel - provides more detail about how the payment was prompted or made - e.g. via direct mail, email etc
  • Fund - any specific purpose the money should be allocated to
  • Department - the department within your organisation that the transaction ‘belongs’ to


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