Adding Items to the Getting Started List


Donorfy presents users with a Getting Started list - this is a list of items they can work through to learn more about the system and how to get the most from it.

Initially the list will contain a standard list of items to work through - however you can add, change or remove items from the standard list if you wish - to do this find Getting Start List in Settings - these are fields available:

  • Description - main description of the item e.g. Take The Tour
  • Details about this item - provides more information, also allows you to embed 2 links to further information, e.g. knowledgebase articles, videos etc - use the placeholders {Link1} and {Link2} to include links e.g. Watch our quick start video by clicking {Link1} - the text {Link1} will be replaced with the word here which will link to the item you define - make sure the L in {Link1} is a capital letter
  • URL to be used if you included a Link1 and Link2 in the details - important you must include http:// at the start of any web site address e.g.
  • Further information - can be used to tell the user some more about the item - this will be displayed below the description and details
  • System Setup Item - if set to yes this item will appear in the System Setup section of the Getting Started List


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