Buttons and Menus

The menu on the left hand side - as shown on the screen shot below - allows you to access the main areas of Donorfy. The small plus and minus signs - highlighted in yellow - allow you to open or close a sub menu. The arrow - highlighted in green - allows to shrink the menu down - for example if you were using Donorfy on tablet. 


On the top right hand side of Donorfy you will see a row of buttons, as shown in the screen shot below, this is what they do

  • The button with the arrow - shown with a yellow border below - is the sign out button
  • The button with the 3 cogs - shown with a red border below - accesses the settings - this allows you to change how Donorfy is setup for you - you must be a member of the admin role for this button to appear
  • The button with the 3 lines - shown with a green border below - will hide & show the main menu on the left hand side - this is useful if you are using Donorfy on a tablet and need a bit more screen space
  • The button with the question mark - shown with a blue border below - takes you into the knowledge base and allows you to request support

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