Taking Donations Online

There are 3 main ways you can take donations online, and have them integrated directly into your Donorfy CRM system:

  1. Campaign Donation pages - these are fixed format, customisable with your own HTML content and logo, and hosted by Donorfy. The easiest way to get started, they can be embedded in your web pages using iFrames. Available in Essentials and Professional plans. More info here.

  2. Web Widgets - these are a kind of easy API for web designers, making it possible for them build and embed completely customisable giving pages in the website, using the popular Stripe (for payment cards) and GoCardless (for Direct Debits) payment gateways.

    More info: Web Widgets

    The Web Widgets are only available on the Professional plan. 

  3. API - ultimate flexibility and power for web developers who want to control every aspect of the process and potentially use different payment gateways.
    The API is a Professional plan option only (may be subject to a separate subscription - see pricing for more info). More info here.

The Web Widgets are the most popular, as they provide a great amount of flexibility and the following benefits over third-party donation platforms:

  • It allows you to stay in control of your brand. Donorfy's giving tools do not take your donors off to a third party site to complete their donation. You have complete control over the user experience.

  • Minimises your costs. Donorfy charges nothing for your take a donation by card or a regular gift by Direct Debit. The only costs are those made by the payment gateway (Stripe or GoCardless).

  • Automatically update the CRM. By using Donorfy's widgets your donors and their donations will automatically end up in your database, categorised correctly, and the Gift Aid will be automatically claimed if applicable. 


For a more detailed look at how the Web Widgets work see the web developer's guide to implementing the widgets is available here.



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