How to Setup and Take Donations using GoCardless


GoCardless allows you to take recurring donations by direct debit - this is an overview of how it works

  • You add a Web Widget to a page on your web site which allows people to sign up to make a regular donation - the recurring donation appears as a recurring payment instruction on the constituent's timeline - see this for more information
  • Donorfy asks GoCardless to collect the donations when they become due - they then appear on the constituent's timeline 

These are the things you need to do

  • Connect to GoCardless - see this article
  • Create a GoCardless web widget - see this article



  • How do you set up offline direct debits with Gocardless Pro?

  • There a couple of different ways to do this, but the easiest is to have a Donorfy Form set up for Donorfy Users can then enter the details which your supporter has provided (via post or phone) and then complete the GoCardless mandate - this will ensure all required details are provided to GoCardless and also fed back into Donorfy in one go.

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