Salutation & Label Names

A constituent's

  • salutation is used at the start of a letter or email - e.g. Dear John,
  • label name is used at the top of an address e.g. Mr John Smith

Donorfy will use a default salutation and label names using the name information available as follows

  • Label name will be set to Title, First Name and Last Name e.g. Mrs Jane Smith
  • Salutation will use the first name if present e.g. Jane, otherwise a combination of title and last name e.g. Mrs Smith

Donorfy allows you change these defaults and to use a different salutation and label name for each set of contact details - for example for personal contact details you might use the label name Mrs Smith and salutation of Jane but for work contact details it might be appropriate to use something more formal.

To override the defaults find the Salutations section at the bottom of the contact details block and enter the values you want to use.


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