Creating a Report from a List


A list can be downloaded as a PDF report, so that you can quickly and easily provide colleagues with up-to-date details at a meeting, email the CEO or your manager current financial information without manipulating a downloaded List within Excel, or print off a delegate list for an event.



Create a new List or open the List that you would like to report from.

You can choose the sort order for your report by sorting the Lists results grid using the sort buttons (the up and down arrows) shown next to each column heading, for example, if to sort by Last Name click on the arrow to the right of the Last Name field.


Please note

The PDF report option is limited to 10 columns. 

If your List contains a large number of columns that you are not required, it may be an option to copy the List, remove the non-required columns from the newly created List and report via this List instead.


Some fields require more room to present information than others, so it may be that your report can not use all 10 fields.




You can create a report from a list or a search in Donorfy by clicking on the Prepare Report button - highlighted in the screenshot below:

When you press the Prepare Report button you have the option to include totals, if you set this to Yes totals will be included as follows:

  • If your report is sorted and
    • You have included one or more amount fields (e.g. payment amount) subtotals of the amounts will be included for the field you are sorting by, report totals for the amount field will also be included
    • You do not have any amount fields a count of records listed for the field you are sorting by will be shown
  • If your report is not sorted and
    • You have included one or more amount fields (e.g. payment amount) report totals for the amount field will be included
    • You do not have any amount fields a count of records listed in the report will be shown


Retrieving your report download

After clicking the download button a green status banner will be displayed:

  • Click on the 'Click here for status' link and a box will appear confirming either:
    • the report is being built 
    • the report is ready for collection

  • Once it is ready, click on Open
  • Your report will be downloaded to your computer Downloads folder as a PDF


You can also retrieve the report download via: Home > My Downloads 




Other areas of Donorfy where reports (system-defined) can be downloaded

Standard, system-defined, reports can be downloaded from the areas in Donorfy listed below. 

  • Constituents Search 
  • Campaigns - a download of all your Campaigns
  • Campaigns > [campaign name] > Timeline - a summary of the Timeline items for a Campaign
  • Opportunities 
  • Opportunities > Prospects
  • Forms > History
  • Data Management > Downloads 
  • Financial > Pledges
  • Financial > Batched Transactions
  • Financial > Gift Aid
  • Membership > Memberships
  • Membership > Members


  • Is it possible to download the report as an excel worksheet?

  • You can download a CSV file - which Excel can open and save as a worksheet - that's done via the button with cloud and down arrow in the above screen shot

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