Anonymous Donations


Adding Anonymous Donations

To add an anonymous donation you should click on Home, then from there click the Add button, then click on Transaction - complete the transaction form but do not link the new transaction to a constituent

Listing & Displaying Anonymous Donations

Create a Transaction List is normal way (i.e. click the Add button and choose Transaction List) In the filter for your list include 'Anonymous Equals Yes'

If you select an anonymous transaction from the list its details will be displayed.

Assigning an Anonymous Donation to a Constituent

If you need to assign an anonymous donation to a constituent you should find the anonymous donation by creating a list (see details above) and click on the donation to display its details, from the manage menu choose Reassign - as shown below




Set 'make transaction anonymous' to No 




Then Press the Find Constituent button and find the constituent the donation should be assigned to and press the Reassign button - the transaction will be added to the timeline of the constituent you selected


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