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This option is available in the both Donorfy Essentials and Professional plans 

You can create a page that will allow you take one off or recurring donations for your campaign - these pages are hosted by Donorfy so you don't need to make any changes to your web site.

You need to be connected to Stripe to take donations so if you haven't connected to Stripe please read this first

Set up your page by following these steps

  • Find your campaign and click on it to open it (or create a new campaign)
  • Click on the Donation Page tab and make the following entries
    • Page Title - this will be shown at the top your donation page
    • Page Link - this will be added to the end of your donation page link e.g. if your page was for the Clear Water campaign you might enter clearwater and your link you be - note do not include any spaces or characters that are not letters or numbers
    • Page Text - this is displayed at the top below the title - you can remind people about your cause and why they should support it
    • If you have terms and conditions and/or a privacy policy (e.g. on your existing web site) then put the links in - these links will appear on the donation page
    • Thank you message - this will be shown after the donation is processed
    • Link from Thank you page - this will usually be back to your web site
    • Donations will be allocated to the product and fund associated with the campaign - you can make further entries (e.g. currency and so on) which are used to process donations
    • You can upload your organisations logo - this will be shown on the donation page
  • Press the Save Changes button
  • The link to your donation will be shown at the top of the page - as shown below 


For example the link can then be included in a email to your constituents encouraging them to donate

Donations received via your campaign donation page can be viewed on the history tab under Financial | Online Donations



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  • Hi - Love the Campaign donation pages... but I have just noticed that the logo doesn't show up on mobile. Is there something we can do to fix that? Thank you

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