Viewing the donations that were made via your website


When donations are made via a Donorfy form, a web widget or donation page created for a campaign they are automatically processed and the details are added to Donorfy.

For Donations made via a Donorfy Form

To see more detail click on the + next to the Forms menu and then click on History - you can filter the list to show submissions for selected form(s) and/or campaign(s)



For Donations made via a Web Widget or Donation Page

To see more detail click on the + next to the Financial menu and then click on Online Donations


This will display three tabs

  • To be Resolved - these are any items that require your attention
  • History - shows details of the updates that have happened over the last 30 days
  • Security - allows you to manage rules to block malicious submissions - see this article for more information
  • Errors & Info - shows any errors that have occurred with online activities such as donations, sign ups, integration syncs



It is possible to be notified about new errors. Your web developer will need to catch the response error, log it to Google Analytics, and then set up a custom email alert there.



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