Connecting to GoCardless


You can connect Donorfy to GoCardless to allow you to collect recurring payments paid by Direct Debit.

To link Donorfy to GoCardless:

  • under Settings > Configuration, find the "GoCardless Connect" page
  • click "Connect to GoCardless using an existing account" if you have a GoCardless account already, or  "Connect to GoCardless using a new account" to set up a new GoCardless account
  • you will be taken to GoCardless to log in / create an account and continue setup
  • on completion you will be returned to Donorfy

You can now set up a web widget to allow donors to make recurring donations by Direct Debit. See this article for more information.

Note: GoCardless payments will be added to Donorfy using the "Direct Debit" payment type. If you do not have a payment type named "Direct Debit", it will create one.

Note: We recommend that you leave your GoCardless account with the default setting to receive payouts from GoCardless for fund collected as soon as they are available - see this article for more information. This means we receive information about GoCardless payouts in a timely manner which helps us to set the status of recurring payment instructions.

Note: The integration uses the GoCardless API. Please check their website for availability of the API for your organisation. It may not be available on certain price plans - this beyond Donorfy's control.



  • Is there any information about pre-existing DDs already on GoCardless and if they can be set up to automatically connect?

  • I've raised a support ticket for you.

  • Graham can you open a similar ticket for us as well.

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