Households and Constituents that Share an Address


If you have records for constituents that share an address - e.g. for a household or a company - you can manage this in Donorfy as follows

  • The address should be entered against one of the constituents in the normal way - for
    • individuals this would be constituent who is head of the household,
    • organisations this would be the organisation's record
  • When adding another constituent at the same address set the 'Linked to another Constituent's address' to yes, and press the Find button to locate the constituent with the address - see example below


If you change the address then the address for all linked constituents will be changed too. 

If a constituent moves away the main address unlink them by changing 'Linked to another constituent's address' to No and enter the details of the new address for the constituent that has moved away.

Seeing Other People at the Address

When you open a constituent records that shares an address you will see in the Other Connections panel a list of other people at this address.


Mailing Households

When you mail a household you often will want to 

  • Use a different label name & salutation for the household - e.g. the head of the household might be Mrs Smith but you want to address the household as The Smith Family
  • Send one mailing to the household - rather than mailing each member of the household individually, 

You can set up an alternate label name & salutation for the family - at the bottom of the Contact Details panel you will see the main and alternate label names & salutations 


When you download a file for a mailing and have included the Alternate Salutation and Alternate Lable Name columns in your List - you will see the two options highlighted in yellow below - these are:

  • Combine people at the same address into one row in the download file - If you select yes for this option then if the download file contains people who are linked to another constituent’s address only one row will be included in the download file for those people - the address, label name and salutation from the linked address will be included in the file.
  • Use alternate label name & salutation if present - if you select yes for this option then any alternate label names or salutations will be included in the download file 


So if you were doing a mailing and only wanted to send one item to households you would select Yes for both 'Combine people at the same address into one row in the download file' and 'Use alternate label name & salutation if present'

If you add activities to timelines for constituents then all members of a household will have a activity added - even if they are combined into one row in the output file.


When using these features we would recommend that you set a Connection so that you can easily find the Constitunet Profile that the Constituent is taking the Main Contact from or Address from via a Connection List. 




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