Tagging all Constituents on a List

Sometimes it is useful to be able to add a tag to all constituents on a list, this can be done as follows:

  • Create your list in the normal way, ensure you add the constituent number to your data view.
  • Press the Tag button shown at the top of the list display - see example below 
  • Choose the tag you want to add and press the Tag Constituents button


  • The process to Tag the constituents will then start. 


  • Once it has completed an email will be sent to you to confirm, e.g


Note: This action can't be undone within the List.


Top Tip: it is advisable to download your List prior to Tagging all constituents. By doing this you will have the list of constituent numbers that were updated and you can then use the File Uploader to remove the incorrect Tags.


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