Importing data into Donorfy - overview


The File Uploader

What is it and what does it do?

The File Uploader is an inbuilt facility that allows you to import data quickly and efficiently in a standardised way.

So, whether you are populating your Donorfy system for the 1st time, adding more contacts, populating timelines with actions or transactions, or updating fields within records the tools to do so are at your fingertips and can be used by staff who understand data but not necessarily in a technical role.


Data Uploads

You can upload (import) data into Donorfy using and Microsoft Excel workbook template, which you can download from the File Upload in Data Management (make sure you click the Update Template button first) – see this article

It can import Constituents and Timeline entries within the same upload process, the upload types where this can occur are noted below…

The File Uploader can populate your Donorfy system within these main areas:


Data Updaters

In addition, the File Uploader’s facilities further allow you to update these areas:


Who has access to this?

Access to the File Uploader comes as standard to all profiles, but you can restrict the access for Standard Users within User Settings


Where to access it

The File Uploader can be found at:

  • Data Management > File Uploader
  • Home > My Uploads

The difference between the two is that within the My Uploads section you’ll only see your own data uploads.

In both instances, this section is where you’ll complete your data uploads and can download results or undo uploaded files if required.

It’s also within this area is where you’ll find your main tool for the job – the Data Preparation Template.

There are also additional Update Templates available externally from the main Uploader, these are contained within their relevant Knowledge Base articles and are accompanied by some health warning notices…


What can be uploaded

The File Uploader works with Excel files only (.xls .xlsx) and not .csv files

Where possible use the Data Preparation Template.

First ensure you Update the Template to contain the most recent Constituent Types, tags and purposes from within your Donorfy.

Then you can download the Data Preparation Template

Once its downloaded, and you open it you will see that it’s split into various tabs at the foot of the spreadsheet

Each tabbed section contains the key data fields that you can upload data into, it’s not all-encompassing, so you may need to complete further uploads across other sections to complete your data entry.

When completing your data sheets, don’t rush the data instead ensure it’s as quality as possible and also think about what other file/s needs to be uploaded and in what order they need to be uploaded to enable the success. There are prompts as to what data is required for each column in the header for the column – hover over and a comment will appear.


PLEASE NOTE: If you are not confident in working with large sets of data and uploading data using our template, then you may find it helpful to sign up for an onboarding package or to make use of our network of Certified Partners who are on hand to work with you - our Partners are not directly employed by Donorfy so do charge for their time - you can find out more here: Donorfy Partners

Got donors AND donations etc to import?

If you have data to import, spanning numerous areas of a constituent’s profile, then you will need to build the profile step by step.

First import the donors (constituents), then import the donations in a second pass. Then import the Activities in another pass. And then the Gift Aid Declarations.

When building your data imports make sure you give each item something to connect it to the right donor - e.g. the email address, phone number or the key from your old database.


Further information:

Find out how to the tips, tricks and common mistakes to avoid here


  • Is it possible to change the column headings in the template? I need to put in personal details like address and email address.

  • The column headings should not be changed. To enter personal information within the data preparation template, the Individual Constituents worksheet should have the columns you require. Personal fields start with Personal_xxx, so you would look for Personal_LabelName, Personal_Salutation, Personal_AddressLine1, Personal_Addressline2, Personal_Email1Address etc. Please raise a support ticket if you require further assistance.

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