Opportunities - basics

To add an Opportunity, click on the orange Add button, under the heading Fundraising choose either Application for a grant (e.g. if fundraising from a Trust), or Major Gift (if asking a HNWI).

To view existing Opportunities, just click on the Opportunities link on the menu.

In the Opportunities form you can enter the following information:

In the main section at the top of the form:

  • Description of the opportunity
  • Select the member of staff (Donorfy user) that is managing this opp
  • Campaign - select from a list if applicable
  • Selected items - fundable items from the campaign will be available to allocate to this opportunity as tags
  • Opportunity team - select team members (Donorfy users) who are working on this opp. (You have to select the assigned to and save the opportunity before this list becomes available to use) 

And then in the Pipeline section:

  • Stage - the current stage of this opp (you can set up stages in Settings. Stages marked with an asterisk (*) close an opportunity - so these are 'final' stages such as "Successful", "Deferred" or "Unsuccessful".
  • Probability % - this is used to calculate the value of the opp in the pipeline.
  • Value - the total amount you're asking for.
  • Expected date - the date by which you expect to resolve this opp (win or lose it). This is used to place the opportunity value in the pipeline.

On the top right - Constituent:

  • find the constituent. Once the constituent is found, their fundraising info will be shown, and you can edit it there. It is the same information found on their Constituent Profile - editing it here will change it there, and vice versa.

Opportunity constituent:

  • a second constituent that you might be using for day to day contact about this opportunity (e.g. the PA).

Notes, and attachments:

  • enter notes, and links in the notes section. Drag and drop relevant attachments into the Documents section.

Click Save Changes. After that, the other tabs for the opp are available - see more info article about those.



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