Searching and Filtering Constituent Records


There are a number of ways that you can locate the constituent profile that you are looking for.

If you know the constituent number

Just type #12345 into the quick search box, top-right of the screen (replacing 12345 with the constituent number you're looking for). This will take you straight to that constituent.


You can search for constituents using a search term.

Quick Search

The quick search is always visible in Donorfy at the top-right.


When you enter a search term and hit Enter (or click the magnifying glass), Donorfy will search across Constituents, Opportunities and Campaigns. The search results are displayed in a grid, from which you can download a CSV file, add tags or produce a PDF list. The maximum number of results returned in quick search is 75.


Constituents | All Search

There is a constituent search within Constituents | All:


The search results are displayed in a grid, from which you can download to CSV, add tags or produce a PDF list. The total number of rows returned is shown at the bottom on the screen. When viewing in Grid mode (see buttons top-right) you can select the columns to be displayed. Column selection is limited - if you need to view or download all the available constituent columns you should use a List instead.


How to search

Type in the words you want to search for, if you enter 2 or more words constituents matching all the words will be returned - sorting by closest match can help you find what you want if your search returns lots of matches.

Remember, Donorfy searches across the whole constituent profile - not just names. So a search for Paul West will show constituents with both Paul and West anywhere in their profile, including names and addresses. Also, searches are not case-sensitive.


Search tools

Searching for a string

By using the term "Paul West" (including those speech marks) you are asking Donorfy to search for that string, across the profile. It's a good way of searching by first and last name, say. Without the speech marks (just Paul West) Donorfy would return constituents with Paul and West anywhere in their profile. For example someone called Paul who lives in West Street.


Using OR

If you want to find records containing any of the words in your search term. use OR e.g. Frank OR Smith.



To find everything starting with a certain letter/s use a wildcard search - *  e.g. Sm*,


Excluding using NOT

Use NOT to exclude constituents if they include a word e.g. Smith NOT Frank


Using brackets to group search terms

You can build more complex searches using brackets e.g.("Frank Smith") OR ("Jane Brown"). Or ("Frank Smith") AND (("Jane Brown") OR (Mark Jones"))


Filtering the results

Once you have your search results, you may want to filter them:



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