Setting Up Tags


To set up or change tags you need to go into Settings and find the tags - this article explains how to do that.

You will see a list of tag categories - categories provide a way of grouping similar tags together.

If you need to add a new tag category press the + button - as shown below


Give your category a name and select the type of entities the tag can be applied to 

Once you have added a new category you can add some tags to it

Adding or Changing Tags

To add, change or delete tags you first need to select the category that tag belongs to - click on the category in the list to select it - in the example below we have clicked on the 'Adoption' Tag Category (shown in the yellow box) - the Tags in this category are shown below (the green box) to add a new tag click on the + button (shown with a red box) - to work with an existing tag click on it



If you are changing a tag description do not have a list that uses the tag open in another tab, also make sure no one else in your organisation is using the tag at that time.  It is always best to do this sort of maintenance when no one else is using the system.



Important note:

Do not use special characters such as commas, underscores, ampersand (&), less or more ( < > ), astricts (*), #, etc. within in your Tag Category or Tag description as this may have an adverse effect on Lists, Integrations and the File Uploader/Updater.


Reference webpage for special characters: click here


Deleting or renaming Tags may also affect other integrations, e.g MailChimp - please check relevant mappings.


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