Fixing Problems in an Uploaded File


After you upload a file Donorfy will check it - if there are problems which prevent the data in the file being imported the file will be displayed similar to the example below


To see details of errors of you need to Download your file. When you open the downloaded file Excel might put it in protected mode - to see the messages in the file you need to click on Enable Editing

Donorfy will have added 2 columns to the start of your file - Status and Action - the Status - show whether the row can be imported - see this article for more information.

Any cells contain invalid data will be highlighted in red - if you click in the cell a popup will provide more information about the problem - to help you fix it.

It is easiest to correct your original file based on the status & actions columns in the downloaded file, once you have fixed the problems delete the file you previously uploaded from the Donorfy file upload queue and upload the corrected file.

Important - If you decide to make corrections in the file you downloaded - rather than the origianl file - after you have made any corrections, you should delete the Status and Action columns before re-upload the file.



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