Sending One Off Letters and Emails


After you have set up your documents (see this article for help with that) you can send them by clicking on Send Document on the

  • Main add menu , or
  • Timeline add menu 

If you are not currently on a constituents record you will have to find the constituent you want to send the document to, next choose the document you want to send.

Donorfy will display the document text with data merged into the placeholders, then you can

  • Make any changes you want to the document text
  • Decide whether you want to add an activity to the timeline to record the document
  • If the document is to be printed press the 'Print Document' button - a print dialog will be displayed where you can choose your printer etc - the document will be printed 
  • If the document is to be sent by email, you can
    • Select the email address you want to send the document to
    • Change the email from name & address and subject
  • then press Send Email 

If you decided to update the timeline a new timeline activity will be added, a copy of the document will be linked to the activity.

You may find that your browser adds headers, footers or page numbers to your document - you can change the print settings in your browser to turn these off.


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