Adding Extra Fields to Activities

Donorfy allows you add extra fields to activities - e.g. to collect information for analysis or reporting, you can 

  • Set up different fields for each Activity Type
  • Have 10 text fields, 10 dates, 10 numbers & 10 yes no fields for each activity type

The fields you set up will be displayed when you add or change an activity

Setting Up the Fields

To set up the fields go into Settings and find the Activity type you want to set up extra fields for.

To add field you enter a name for it under the heading for the type of data you want to store in the field.


For example if you had an activity for 'Activity Centre Visit' and you wanted to collect information about the number of visitors in a group and whether it was their first visit you would

  • Under the Number Fields column add a field with the name 'Number in Group'
  • Under the Yes/No Fields column add a field 'First Visit'


When you add an activity the fields will be available - as shown in the example below


Activity Lists

When you create an activity list you can filter by extra fields or include them in your list by selecting the fields called

  • Text 1 to 10 - e.g. Text1 - for the text fields
  • Number 1 to 10 - e.g. Number1 - for the number fields
  • Date 1 to 10 - e.g. Date1 - for the date fields
  • YesNo 1 to 10 e.g. YesNo1 - for the yes no fields 

In the example below we have an activity type called 'Primary School Workshop', the first extra field in the Theme of the workshop, the first date is the date of the session and the first number if the number of people attending

If we wanted to filter for Otter workshops, held in the last month with more than 5 people attending we would set up our list as shown below



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