Importing Data to Extra Fields


If you have added extra fields to Activities you can import data into them using the either the Data Preparation Template or by setting up mappings to your own file

You should:

  • Make sure you have sufficient information to either
    • Add a new constituent - you must include the constituent type in your file plus any name or contact details you have, or
    • Identify an existing constituent that the activity should be added to e.g. by email address
  • Enter the basic details of the activity - i.e. date, type etc
  • Use the fields Text 1..10, Date 1..10, Number 1..10 and YesNo 1..10 to import into corresponding fields set up for the activity type
  • Note 
    • the largest number you can import into the Number 1..10 fields is 9,999,999.99 - if you try to import a number which is larger than this it will be ignored
    • if you are importing into Yes/No fields then the column in your worksheet which is used to set the yes / no field should contain 'Yes' or 'No' as appropriate - any other value in the column will cause the Yes / No field to be set to No.



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