Payments and Allocations - the two halves of a Transaction

A Transaction is comprised of two 'halves'
  • the Payment - describing how much was paid, by what method, why it was given:
    • Campaign - the "why" it was given. Required.
    • Payment Method - the "how" (also affects Gift Aid eligibility). Required.
  • the Allocation(s) - describing what that money was paying for, how it is being allocated in terms of how it will be accounted for
    • Product - the "what" the money was given for - eg donation, membership, merchandise etc (also affects Gift Aid eligibility). Required.
    • Fund - the "where" - ie. in which pot / project / restricted or general fund does this money sit. Required.
    • Department - which department / cost-centre within your organisation is responsible for this transaction. Optional.

It is possible to have multiple allocations against one payment - e.g. a split gift.

Recurring Payment Instructions follow the same structure.

For more info on the meaning of the various elements of a Transaction look at this article.


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